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Novus [adjective] Latin:

New, fresh, novel, unusual or extraordinary, something worthy to take notice of.


Novus Applications

Novus Applications is an engineering and consulting company focused on the consumer packaging & injection molding industries.  We have expertise in the areas of injection molding, injection mold design and the production of injection molds.  We leverage that experience in our development of packaging assemblies with respect to: design for manufacture, design for automation and design for commercialization.  Novus regularly brings engineering horsepower to product development programs with the experience needed for complex scenarios.​



It's been stated that you can reveal the nature of a company by examining the roots from which it came.  The team at Novus Apps has its roots deep in technical expertise.  We are tool makers, engineers and real-world developers...  but foremost our minds are in the production environment.  We have always been individuals responsible for creating the end product.

This shapes our team's nature and that is our end goal.

Going beyond engineering,
Novus  Apps also offers:
  • 3D printing capabilities

  • Cosmetic color matched sample parts

  • 3D renderings and animations

  • 3D scanning and part reproduction

  • Injection mold design and review

  • Prototyping & prototype molding


Mark Bartlett
President - Novus Applications, LLC

5451 Merwin Lane, Suite 123

Erie, PA 16510

(814) 923-8428

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