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"I never did anything worth doing by accident, nor did any of my inventions come by accident; they came by work"
                                 -Thomas A. Edison


Allow us to explain

Working with proprietary information is not new to us.  Demonstrating our abilities without divulging sensitive projects can be daunting, although not altogether impossible.  In an effort to put our best foot forward let us display a fictitious development that can provide a sense of how we turn your ideas into a tangible product

The Novus Process

Ideas are rarely complete at their inception. 

Concepts require development.

Development requires expertise.

Expertise requires time.

Novus recognizes the need for all of these aspects during the conceptualization of any product.

What do you need to do?  How can we accomplish that?  How soon does it need to happen?

Give us a sketch, or a snap shot, or an idea and let the wheels begin to turn.


This is where Novus can help.  Utilizing our engineering abilities and technical expertise, Novus takes the early stages of an idea and turns it into a tangible product.


We envision possibilities, we create form and we refine concepts.  These steps are then presented in images that make the communications easy to understand.


Frequently the generation of the idea is the most demanding element of the creative process.


Getting your concepts into 3D space quickly allows you to develop concrete ideas at a rapid pace.

Real-time development work coupled with web meetings allows us to explore options with you directly, allowing this process to move extremely efficiently.

  • Moldability

  • Design for Manufacture

  • High Speed Assembly

  • Automation Integration

  • Function and Form

  • Complex Shape Creation


Injection molding is the core competency of Novus Applications.  This brings key considerations into our entire process due to our expertise in the molding industry.​

Iterate & Refine

Our rapid iterative process involved in development includes 3D printing, manufacturing of sample parts and prototype molding.

Testing early concepts is vital to streamline development


Frequently the development process requires input from sales, marketing or consumer data.  Novus will help bridge that gap efficiently to allow those questions to be answered based on supplied images or cosmetic samples.



Cosmetic Samples

High Resolution Rendering

High Resolution Animations


Mark Bartlett
President - Novus Applications, LLC

5451 Merwin Lane, Suite 123

Erie, PA 16510

(814) 923-8428

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